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There are three types of Lotus Pads:

Lotus pad, shown above
Lotus wedge, for sitting with a straight spine
Lotus chair, a comfortable cushion chair

Lotus Pads® Cushion

Peace & Calmness Begin with Good Meditation Posture

When learning to meditate, the first thing discovered is the need for good posture in order to progress. Once this is achieved, aches and pains no longer distract us. Laying down doesn't work because of the strong inclination to fall asleep! The first step is sitting upright in a relaxed way, free from tensions.

Lotus Pose Recognized for Millennia as the Best Posture for Meditation

The lotus posture has long been recognized as the best position for meditation. It provides both support and stability. Now, with the aid of the Lotus Pads™ cushion, Westerners can comfortably sit cross-legged. The cut-out area in the front of the seat allows your legs to rest at a relaxing angle. The firm yet comfortable cushion supports your spine in a stable position. The Lotus Pad allows one to have the benefits of the lotus posture without the discomfort.

Comfortable for Anyone

If you enjoy sitting on the floor, whether you are an artist, musician, writer, or just sitting at a low table enjoying tea with friends, you will love this seat. The Lotus Pads™ cushion can be used anywhere -- on the floor, bed, outdoors, on your chair, etc. For those of us used to sitting in chairs, this "chair" is a God-send for it allows us an alternative that is very comfortable and supportive of good posture. Chairs, pillows, and cushions tend to create constrictions that soon become uncomfortable. The open position afforded by Lotus Pads® cushion greatly reduces these stresses.