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Both tan and blue Lotus Pads are now available.

Weight:  8 lbs.
Fabric:   removable & washable
Foam:    High Density

Price:        Call (702) 454-8765 for pricing.

Shipping:  $19.95 for each cushion
                 call (702) 454-8765 if
                 shipping outside USA

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Please call Charles at (702) 454-8765 to place your order.

Money Back Guarantee
We are sure that once you've tried a Lotus Pads™ cushion you will want to use it whenever you are sitting cross-legged. If, however, you wish to return our product, we offer a 30-day unconditional, money-back guarantee.



  • Extraordinary comfort at an affordable price
  • Supports good posture
  • Easier to sit cross-legged
  • Portable
  • Great for eastern style dining & entertaining
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Built to last


The Lotus Pads™ cushion has made the lotus posture comfortable for me. I can sit cross-legged for a long time without my ankles getting numb or uncomfortable. I found it was easy to get used to sitting in this posture using this cushion. I just sit down and I'm ready to meditate. There's no fussing with trying to get comfortable.

K.P., Encinitas, California

For years I've struggled with sitting in chairs to meditate.  I've always had trouble getting comfortable enough to go deeper in meditation.  As soon as I sat down on the Lotus Pads™ cushion , I felt an immediate improvement. I was able to feel much calmer right away because my attention was allowed to go deeper instead of being nagged at by an uncomfortable position. Thanks so much for this really helpful meditation seat.

M.G., Encinitas, California

Note: If you have back, leg or joint problems, please discuss your ability to use the Lotus Pads™ cushion with your medical physician